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a row of carved pumpkins sit on the ground

 Twilight Festival 

Twilight Pumpkin Patch

a glowing pumpkin with face carved, sits in a field at night

Experience the magic of pumpkin picking under the moonlit sky! As the sun sets, our pumpkin patch transforms into a mesmerizing wonderland. Navigate through the pumpkins, guided only by the glow of lanterns and fairy lights, and select the perfect pumpkins to bring home.

Fire Show

a man performs with fire sticks, spinning them round him

Ignite your senses with our thrilling Fiire Show at select times during the evening. Marvel at the mesmerising flames as they dance and flicker, creating a captivating visual spectacle against the dark sky.

Torch-lit Maize Trail

a maize field at night with a stary sky above

Bring a torch and embark on an adventurous journey through our maize trail, where hidden sculptures await your discovery. While there won't be any surprises jumping out at you, the darkness creates an eerie ambiance that adds to the spooky atmosphere. 

Live Entertainment

singing performers dressed as witches on an outdoor stage

Prepare to be spellbound by our spooktacular performers, taking to our Pumpkin stage for your entertainment and delight! Once confirmed, the performance schedule will be found on our dates & times page. 

Street Food & Drinks

a red food truck with festoon lights above

A feast of mouthwatering Halloween-inspired treats - from savoury delights to sweet temptations - awaits! As well as pumpkin spice lattes of course! 

From our Pumpkin bar enjoy speciality cocktails, wine, beers and refreshing soft drinks

Photo opportunities

a man peeks through a cutout pumpkin suprising his daughter. They are in a pumpkin field

Capture enchanting memories with our picture-perfect photo opportunities throughout the festival! Whether it's a candid shot among the pumpkins or a posed family portrait, our festival site and pumpkin fields offer endless possibilities for Instagram-worthy moments. 

Fire pits 

marshmallows roasted over an open fire pit

Gather around our cozy fire pits, where warmth and laughter fill the night air. Get some marshmallows and get roasting as you savor the simple pleasures of this delightful fireside experience.

Singing Pumpkins

three comedic looking carved pumpkins with glowing candles inside

No trip to our Twilight Festival would be complete without visiting our captivating singing pumpkins. Dance and sing along as they perform Halloween classics for your enjoyment!

Neon Spider Quest

r (1).png

Calling all brave adventurers! Enter our neon-filled factory as you search for the glowing spiders that have hidden throughout the hallways. The twisting corridors will challenge your wits as these cheeky arachnids may be glowing, but they're also masters of hide-and-seek. See how many you can find!

Fairground rides


Step right up! Embrace the allure and thrill of classic rides and exhilarating games under the enchanting night sky.

Pumpkin Games

a noughs and crosses board using pumpkins as checkers

Experience a world of playful excitement! Challenge your friends and family to games like pumpkin bowling, pumpkin noughts and crosses, and pumpkin checkers. 

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