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crows fly across a corn field at night

 Scare Fest (for ages 14+) 

The Veiled Coven

The Veiled Coven (1).png

Gather 'round the flickering campfire at Camp Lockwood, where brave souls come to challenge their fears and indulge in the most spine-tingling tales of the supernatural. Join us as we delve into the chilling yarn spun by generations of campers—a story shared beneath moonlit skies through hallowed whispers.

A coven of witches stirs, or so the fireside tale goes. Envy and desperation, the twisted fuel of their existence. They covet the love that eludes them and, in their thirst, grasp at dark, forbidden rituals—rumored to grant them unimaginable powers. Eyes sacrificed, their price of admission to a cursed sisterhood, and eyes taken from unwitting victims, granting these witches the ability to pierce the veil between worlds.

But remember, dear campers, this is just a fireside story, a shiver down your spine on a cool autumn night. As you step into their terrifying lair, the line between legend and reality blurs. Will you escape the twisted theatre of their wicked fantasies, or will you become an unwitting player in their sinister game?

Fire Pits

marshmallows being roasted on an outdoor fire pit

Gather around our cozy fire pits, where warmth and laughter fill the night air. Get some marshmallows and get roasting as you savour the simple pleasures of this delightful fireside experience.

Fire Display

a man uses fire to perform, spinning burning batons

Ignite your senses with our thrilling fire display at select times during the evening. Marvel at the mesmerising flames as they dance and flicker, creating a captivating visual spectacle against the dark sky.

Street Food & Drink

a group of friends sat around an outdoor table drinking beer and toasting each other

A feast of Halloween-inspired treats - from savoury delights to sweet temptations - awaits! As well as pumpkin spice lattes of course! 

From our Pumpkin bar enjoy speciality cocktails, wine, beers and refreshing soft drinks. 

Roaming Performers


Our roaming street performers lurk in the shadows. Prepare for unexpected encounters, adding an extra layer of suspense and intrigue to your evening.

Singing Pumpkins

three comedic carved pumpkins glow with candles inside them

Visit our captivating singing pumpkins. Dance and sing along as they perform Halloween classics for your enjoyment!

Biohazard Apocalypse

BioHazard Apocalypse logo (1).png

Prepare to confront your deepest fears in a heart-pounding journey through Biohazard Apocalypse, where the night has never been more terrifying!


At a remote outpost, a High Security Facility has become ground zero for a nightmarish outbreak. The source? A catastrophic radiation leak that has mutated ordinary civilians into ravenous, ravaged Zombies.


The military believe they have it contained, creating a fragile path to safety within the factory's confines. But with each passing moment, the threat of the undead looms larger.


Amidst the radioactive chaos, can you navigate the factory's twisted corridors and elude the insatiable undead? Or will you become yet another victim of the Biohazard Apocalypse?

Tarot Readings

a tarot card being held by a ladies hand. A candle glows sat resting on the desk

Unveil the mysteries of the future with our captivating Tarot Readings. Let our skilled mystics guide you through the ancient cards, offering insights and revelations. Discover hidden truths, gain clarity, and unlock the secrets that lie ahead in your personal journey.

Fairground rides


Step right up! Embrace the allure and thrill of classic rides and exhilarating games 

Live Entertainment

performers dressed as witches singing at an outdoor event

Prepare to be spellbound by our spooktacular performers, taking to our Pumpkin stage for your entertainment and delight!

Pumpkin Games

a hand moves a pumpkin on a noughts and crosses board

 Challenge your friends to games like pumpkin bowling, pumpkin noughts and crosses, and pumpkin checkers. 

Pumpkin Patch

pumpkins with faces carved glow while sat ontop of a fence. the fence has festoon light bulbs running along it

Let's not forget our Pumpkin Patches which will be open throughout the evening! Gather your friends and head out under the moonlight sky to find your perfect pumpkin. Navigate through the twinkling pathways, guided only by the glow of lanterns and fairy lights. Whether carving, baking, or decorating, there's an ideal pumpkin for everyone.

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