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two girls carry a large pumpkin in a pumpkin field

 Daytime Festival 

Pumpkin Patch

a family in a field of pumpkins

Get ready for a harvest adventure like no other! With tens of thousands of pumpkins and gourds, take your pick from a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. Whether carving, baking, or decorating, there's an ideal pumpkin for everyone.

Fairground rides


Step right up! Experience the nostalgic charm and excitement of classic rides and exhilarating games. 

Maize Trail

a corn maze with a family heading into it

Embark on an exciting adventure through our Little Big Creatures maize trail! Get lost in the twists and turns as you uncover the little creatures gone big! Find out some amazing facts as you follow the winding path, surrounded by the rustling cornstalks, and let your imagination run wild.

Live Entertainment

characters in halloween costumes

Prepare to be spellbound by our spooktacular performers, taking to our Pumpkin stage for your entertainment and delight!

Pumpkin Carving 

a father helping his daughter to carve a pumpkin using a knife

Choose your perfect pumpkin, get your carving tool, and let your artistic vision come to life. Follow our design templates or create your own. From spooky faces to intricate designs, craft a masterpiece that will impress and delight. Please note this is an unsupervised activity, so parents / guardians will need to help and supervise their children. 

Street Food & Drink

a burger in tin foil. A bite has been taken out of it. there are people enjoying a festival in the background

Discover a mouthwatering feast at our pumpkin patch! Treat your taste buds to a delightful selection of halloween-inspired food and drinks. From delicious pumpkin treats to savory delights, our menu offers something for everyone. 

From our Pumpkin bar enjoy refreshing soft drinks, coffee and tea (not forgetting that pumpkin spiced latte!) or indulge in speciality cocktails, wine, beer or soft drinks. 

Munchkin Pumpkin Patch

a straw bale maze with pumpkins sat ontop

Welcome to the Munchkin Pumpkin Patch, a magical haven for our littlest adventurers! Watch their faces light up as they discover and pick their very own mini pumpkins. Delight in our straw maze and games, perfect for little ones to play!

Pumpkin Games

pumpkin bowling alley made of straw

Experience a world of playful excitement! Challenge your friends and family to games like pumpkin bowling, pumpkin noughts and crosses, and pumpkin checkers. 

Neon Spider Quest

r (1).png

Calling all brave adventurers! Enter our neon-filled factory as you search for the glowing spiders that have hidden throughout the hallways. The twisting corridors will challenge your wits as these cheeky arachnids may be glowing, but they're also masters of hide-and-seek. See how many you can find!

Witch & Wizard School

a girl sat on a pumpkin. she is dressed as a witch and waving her wand in the air. It glows green

Unleash your creativity at our enchanting Witch and Wizard Arts and Crafts Academy! Dive into a world of imagination as you learn the secrets of wand crafting or potion making with our fantastical magical team. Booking is required (on the day).

Photo opportunities

a father looking through a face in the hole pumpkin sign, in the middle of a pumpkin field

Capture enchanting memories with our picture-perfect photo opportunities throughout the festival! Whether it's a candid shot among the pumpkins or a posed family portrait, our festival site and pumpkin fields offer endless possibilities for Instagram-worthy moments. 

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